Do you need drugs to increase potency?

Viagra can and should be used not only when a problem with ED began to seriously bother you. The drug therapy will help in some other cases, as well. What cases – read the article.


Here, we will put away long discussions about what place in the life of modern man the drugs for ED treatment take and turn to the highly respected experts in the medical world. After spending a few minutes for studying this material, you’ll be able to make your own conclusion about your needs in medicines.

Today, there is hardly a man who never heard about drugs to increase potency. These drugs are advertised everywhere: on television, in print media, on the Internet. Thereat, the advertising really reflects the urgent needs of men. According to the study, published in the magazine American Medical Association, 7 % of men in the age group from 18 to 29 years and 9 % in the age group from 30 to 39 years suffer from erection problems. They think that pills for the ED treatment are relief for them. But, do you need them?

What can you expect from pills

The main effect of Viagra and its generics is the relaxation of the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis what resulted in successful erection.

These drugs are effective for more than 2/3 of the men suffering from ED. According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the Head of the Department of male reproductive medicine and surgery, drugs to increase potency are able to return the lost confidence. Another well-known expert, the professor at the Medical College ‘Weill Cornell’ Harry Fisch positively responds on the drugs: "Means for ED treatment shorten the recovery period between sexual acts, allowing the man to “recharge the battery”. This is a very important option for the men who suffer from early ejaculation, as well.

There is no medicine without side effects, and Viagra is no exception. It can cause headaches, dizziness, flush, nasal stuffiness, and indigestion. However, most men do not pay any attention to these side effects, or do not face them at all. As reasonably noticed Pr. Fish, "if you really suffer from ED, then nasal congestions doesn’t matter." If you take the medicine in prescripted doses, the risk will be reduced to the minimum. As for fears about the possible addiction to Viagra, Dr. Eisenberg says that it's absolutely impossible.

Attention: Erectile dysfunction

The reasons for ED are often problems that are much more serious: heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. All of these diseases are connected with a narrowing of blood vessels what prevents blood flow to the penis. Once in the magazine PLOS Medicine, the results of the study were published according to which men suffering severe ED, 35 % are more likely to be hospitalized because of the cardiovascular problems than men who do not have problems with potency.

If you are making a baby and do it according to the strict schedule, then the means for ED treatment can be of great help, as well. "Scheduled sex is quite a stressful activity", says urologist Paul Turek who heads the men's health clinic. "Drug therapy can help to avoid this stress, as it provides a stronger erection without any mental effort."