7 effective ways to prevent ED problems

To keep your erection in a good state for many years, you should take great care of your health since youth.


What defines a real man? Respect for his working tools. Screwdrivers, wrenches, saws, drills, hammers – everything has to be ordered, sharpened, oiled and ready to use. But when it comes to the most important male tool, men are not so delicate: tight jeans, uncontrolled sexual behavior, alcohol... In their 30s or 40s, men see how their male power becomes worse, and Viagra or its generics become indispensable companions in romantic adventures. And the reason is not only the natural abundance of testosterone but also the misconduct.

Remember: nicotine kills your erection

Scientists at the University of Kentucky made the study. The participants were asked to rate the quality of their sex life on a scale from 1 to 10. As it turned out, among the dissatisfied, the vast majority were smokers. If this is not an argument to immediately quit smoking, then just imagine that smoking not only causes impotence but also reduces the size of your penis!

Decide for vasectomy

If you are already through with children, vasectomy is worth thinking. The fear of making their partner a child is a strong anti-erection factor for some men, says Karen Donahue, program manager of sexual and family therapy at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA). The risk of contraceptive mistakes dominates men much more than it is commonly believed.

Be true to your wife

When a man has an extramarital affair, erection problems come to him. If you go to the doctor’s with ED, one of the first questions is, "Are you unfaithful to your wife?" The point is this: every time unfaithful husband has sex with his wife, he will have a feeling of guilt, which negatively affects the erection.

Get rid of the extra kilos

The quickest way to get rid of erection is to get diabetes. In fact, more than 50 % of diabetics are impotent. The disease affects an erection by a double whammy: it accelerates atherosclerosis in the blood vessels and slows the transmission of nerve impulses, which negatively affects the male power. The best way to avoid diabetes is to keep fit. If you cannot do anything with your obesity then monitor the level of glucose in the blood.

Be careful with your “tool”

A single wrong move of your penis – and you risk damaging the cavernous body, forming the erectile tissue. Complete rupture of a cavernous body requires surgery within 24 hours to remove internal bleeding and to prevent irreversible damage. Partial damage is not so dangerous, but it can have long-term adverse consequences: the cavernous tissue loses its elasticity, which leads to chordee, pain, and impotence. It is estimated that about one-third of men damage their penis.

Walk in the open air

Men walking at least 3 km a day, half as likely suffer from ED than those who neglect walking. If you give your cardio-vascular system regular workout, the inner walls of the blood vessels will be cleaner and healthier, and thus the blood flow to the penis will come regularly.


Perhaps you will be surprised, but there is no fundamental difference between yawn and erection: the same substance, nitrogen oxide (NO), controls both processes. Released by the brain, NO can surf the neurons controlling yawning, or go down to the vessels that carry blood to your penis. We do not recommend that you use yawning as part of a prelude to sex. But if you are attacked by yawning in daylight then do not suppress it: thus you will better prepare for the evening sex.