5 unusual ways to use Viagra

Viagra is used for different purposes throughout the world, and some of the ways to use it are rather unusual.


Viagra, the most beloved little blue pill in the world, is capable of much more than just ED treatment. In fact, it was made against the common cold, and as you already know, it's not everything that Viagra does. This small pill is used for different purposes throughout the world, and some of the ways to use it are rather unusual.

1. Fight against cancer

Scientists have discovered that Viagra helps to reduce a tumor and protects the heart from damage when used with certain anti-cancer drugs. Viagra can reduce damage to the heart from doxorubicin, a powerful and effective anti-tumor drug, and at the same time, greatly enhance the potential of doxorubicin in the destruction of the tumor.

2. Save unhappy marriage

At the University hospital of Cairo, Egypt, researchers use Viagra to save unhappy marriages. The results were quite promising. 32 people, of the 35 patients who participated in the study, were able to overcome the problems in their marriage with the help of Viagra. And the most noted progress in relations with the partner less than a month after the start of using Viagra.

The aim of the study was to solve marital problems that appeared because of the psychogenic erectile dysfunction, a physical problem caused by mental or emotional stress.

3. Save species endangered

Pandas are known for the problem of poor mate in captivity, and this is explainable. Who wants to do this before a huge audience? However, a few small blue pills wonderfully affect the desire and even help with endurance. How pandas mate in the wild is little known, but in captivity, they mate only for about 30 seconds. And Viagra helps to prolong the activity up to 20 minutes. Not bad: probably a good dose of Viagra is exactly what pandas need to breed.

4. Help plants

Apparently, Viagra can cause a passion not only in humans but also in plants. The research conducted at Bar-Ilan University has shown that Viagra made withering plants higher and fresher and their colors more vivid, given that they received only 2 % of normal human dose.

The secret lies in a key component of the preparation – nitrogen oxides. When the substance released from the nerve endings of the human, it causes blood vessels to relax and pass more blood, resulting in an erection in men. The same effect was observed in each of the tested plants. So, Viagra can even get a special mission on the garden market – the drug can be used as an easy way to easily grow large flowers.

5. Increase the growth rate for underweight babies

Nitric oxide not only helps to get an erection and grow beautiful flowers but is also used in intensive care for underweight infants born prematurely. The treatment, called nitric oxide inhalation therapy, is incredibly important to help such babies, but later it can cause complications. One of these complications, pulmonary hypertension can be very serious. In the pediatric intensive care unit at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, a group of infants participated in the trial of a new method of treatment.

After removing the inhaler with nitric oxide, 15 infants received a dose of Viagra. None of the 15 children had pulmonary hypertension. In general, children who received Viagra were dismissed from the intensive care four times faster than those who did not receive it.