Pistachios make Viagra more effective

Viagra can greatly help the men with ED. And if you add some kinds of food, for instance, nuts, the results will be astonishing!


One of the most useful products for enhancing male potency and a real men’s food are nuts. Walnuts contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, and zinc. Zinc is necessary for the development of gonads that affect the prostate and regulate the amount of testosterone. In addition, a walnut is an important food to enhance male potency.

If you take 70–100 grams of walnuts, every day for a month, you can greatly improve your health. The following recipe helps to improve male potency: Take 12 nuts, chop into small pieces 200 g of dried fruits: figs, prunes, raisins. Mix everything and put in a cold store (refrigerator or cellar). Take two teaspoons every day while drinking milk or yogurt.

Pistachios and potency

Recent research, conducted by Turkish scientists, has proved the connection of common pistachios and potency. The results of this study were published in the periodical health magazine Journal international de medicine.

The study was devoted to the problem of ED and it was found that efficiency of the means for potency increase, for instance, Viagra might be improved by eating specific foods. In particular, if you take daily hundred grams of raw or savory pistachios you can cope with erectile dysfunction much easier and faster. The specialists of the hospital department in the medical center "Ataturk" confirmed this fact by their scientific studies.

It turned out that common pistachios contain specific proteins and fiber that make Viagra more effective. The secret is in the components contained in pistachios and their positive influence on the heart and vascular system that are often responsible for the dysfunction of the reproductive system.

The information has been obtained from the tests carried out on seventeen volunteers. All men who took part in the study were married, had regular sex and experienced troubles with their erection from time to time. Throughout the study, they got 1 Viagra pill and 100 grams of pistachios daily. After 3 weeks, the scientists estimated the results. The index of erectile function significantly increased. Therefore, they proved that pistachios and Viagra is an effective combination.

Dangerous food for your potency

Whiskey, beer and other drinks and foods containing alcohol, as well as a variety of anabolic steroids are bad for potency. The ability of alcohol to increases the potency for a short period further leads to impotence; even young people suffer.

Remember that mint both dried and fresh negatively affect erectile function. Mint gums have also a poor effect on male potency. Fast food, donuts, French fries, mayonnaise, and hot dogs are not useful, as well. Pepsi, coffee, cola, and a variety of energy drinks provide just a short effect of a sexual drive improvement. Thereat, the above food greatly increases the stress on the cardiovascular system, resulting in a myocardial infarction or stroke.

Food preservatives, nitrites, and other additives have a negative effect on male potency and cause ED. So, if you are going to take Viagra avoid harmful food in order to get the desired result.